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Official agencies and ministries

Villa in  chaam

Cha-Am Thailand

The Royal Court of Thailand
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Golden Jubilee Home Page.
Palaces of the King
The residences of King Bhumibol.

Royal Thai Government 
The Office of the Prime Minister. 

More Official Websites:
Ministries of the Kingdom of Thailand
List of Thailand's National Government Agencies and Ministries


National Statistical Office
Responsible for country's statistical activities including the collection and compilation,
disemination of basic statistical data. 


Thailand in Figures
Thailand statistical key figures.

Map of Thailand
Political Map of Thailand.


Department of Agriculture
Department of Agricultural Extension
Department of Asean Affairs
Department of Communicable Disease Control
Department of Employment
Department of Environmental Quality Promotion
Department of Foreign Trade
Department of Health
Department of Industrial Promotion
Department of Industrial Works
Department of Internal Trade
Department of Land Development
Department of Land Transport
Department of Local Administration
Department of Medical Sciences
Department of Medical Services
Department of Mental Health
Department of Mineral Resources
Department of Non-Formal Education
Department of Skill Development
Department of Town and Country Planning
Department of Vocational Education
Excise Department

Official agencies and ministries


Muang Thai! the country name in Thai
"Muang Thai" the country's name in Thai characters



Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The site offers an overview of the country and information  
on regulations for foreign visitors to Thailand
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Ministry of University Affairs
Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Industry


Thai News

Bangkok Post
One of Thailand's leading newspaper.
Bussiness Day
Thailand's only business newspaper in English.
The Nation
Independent Online News & Information Service

International News Sources  
BBC News Country Profile: Thailand
With links to Thailand related news and background information.  
Reuters AlertNet - Thailand violence

Human Rights
Amnesty International Thailand
Amnesty International Reports.


Arts & Culture

The Fine Arts Department
Responsible for cultural heritage and artistic creation.
National Library of Thailand  (NLT)
The site provides information about the institution's history, organisation, services, and online catalogs. National Library of Thailand is located in Bangkok.
The Siam Society
Established in 1904, under Royal Patronage, as an organization for those interested in the artistic, scientific, and cultural affairs of Thailand and neighboring countries.
Thai Classical Dance
The Rituals and Traditions of Thai classical dance.
Thai Cuisine
Regional Food with recipes
Vegetarian Thai Cuisine
Site with information about Kin Jay, the Thai variant of vegetarian food.

Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
Contemporary and modern Thai art.

Business & Economy

Bank of Thailand
Central Bank of Thailand.
The Stock Exchange of Thailand

List of State Enterprises of the Kingdom of Thailand
List of Thailand's State Enterprises

Official agencies and ministries